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ScaleSailing is...

Graham, with assistance from my wife Jan...
simple as that really...

Ok, a few more details so you know who you are
working with here and even more importantly, who
you are sending your hard earned money to!

I am English, a Yorkshireman in fact. I have lived in Wisconsin, USA since
December 2002, Jan is a local Sheboygan girl and the reason I am here.

I have been a model builder most of my life, building and designing aircraft
and boats since my early teens. 'GMDesigns' was started in 1997 and over
the next few years I produced a series of eight full kits for electric powered
radio controlled aircraft and sold many hundreds of them.

More recently I formed 'ScaleSailing'
to develop and share my RC sailboat
designs. I particularly like small sailing
yachts so the Footy was an obvious
first attraction, but anything under two
feet in length is my cup of tea!

My experience gained from cutting
and veneering hundreds of foam
wings led me to develop the unique
ScaleSailing 'foam core' model boat
hull system.

I design and assemble the kits myself so when you phone or email
with a question you can be certain that I will deal with you personally.
We look forward to meeting you.

Graham & Jan

Sheboygan Lighthouse on a Cold Day. Photo by Jan McAllister

ScaleSailing is based in Sheboygan WI. On the western shore of beautiful Lake Michigan.


All content of this Web Site including text, photographs and the model designs
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