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The looks of a Classic Wooden Pond Yacht without the Work!

ScaleSailing.com has developed this simple and unique model
boat hull building system so that you can enjoy the pleasure of
making and owning a wooden model boat without the work of
assembling frames, laying a keel, planking the hull etc.

The ScaleSailing Foam Core

Our Foam Core Hull System makes building our kits very easy!

In principle all you have to do to finish the hull is glue the plywood
panels onto the foam core, bottom, sides, transom and deck.

A waterproof wood glue is recommended and strips of masking
tape are all the clamps you will need. There is no need for a
tooled up workshop to build ScaleSailing kits.

The kits include laser cut ply parts to ease construction still further.

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Foam Core
Hull System


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