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So what exactly is a 'Footy' anyway ?

A 'Footy' is a radio controlled model sailboat which is only
12 inches long. The 'Footy Class' is an organised model
boat racing class, see the links below.
These little boats are so affordable that they are set to form an
extra racing fleet in many clubs worldwide in the next few years.

'Footy' boats are just for fun too !

Footys are perfectly suited for your private home pond or even
the swimming pool. Sailboats of course make no noise or mess
and present a fun and interesting challenge in both their
construction and operation.

Travelling with your 'Footy'

On vacation for a few days or RV'ing? Pack your Footy in a box
and enjoy a quiet sail wherever you find a lake. Travelling the
Wisconsin Dells area we found Devil's Lake State Park, a perfect
chance for a quick sail in beautiful surroundings...
where will you find?

'Footy' Links

The 'Footy' Class web page
AMYA Footy Class Page

Footy Forums at R/CSailing.net

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The 'Footy'?

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