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ScaleSailing Owners Gallery

Please post or email photos of your ScaleSailing models
if you would like to see them included here.
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Robert Vigors of Walsall, UK
Pintail kits
Hull No.PT04
Kittiwake kit
Hull No. KW249, KW251, KW275, KW276

Bob has bought several kits and is making
some very attractive scale like conversions
including a motorised Pintail without the
keel, no photos of that one in action yet.

Bob wrote...

"Pic of gaff rigged Pintail at Kingsbury water
park. A delight to sail well worth the effort." 

"Hi, took my surplus Kittiwake added the
sail from the motorised Pintail, fitted a little
cabin for a bit of detail and ended up with
a lovely fair weather sailor. Intend fitting
a bowsprit and making a new foresail in
red but it sails very well as it is."

"Another variation on one of your versatile
hulls. Its was being checked by my inspector
and as I based the boat on the American cat
boats I suppose it was quite appropriate.....

Mods included moving mast forward and
ballast backward then adjusting battery
position until the desired attitude on the
water was achived. Result is a superb little
boat that sails well and turns on a sixpence.
Regards Bob"

Ed Rohrer of Sebastian, FL, USA
Kittiwake kit
Hull No. KW219


Ed recently (Fall 2008) entered two footy
regattas at Vero Beach and Sebring.
He took third place at each.

Well done Ed! He has since bought a K2
conversion kit to increase the sail area
and add a bowsprit.


Joe Stout of Leesburg, FL, USA
Kittiwake kit
Hull No. KW255, KW256, KW257

"Thought you may want to see some pic's
of your boats that I recently purchased (3).
It was fun building them and everyone says
they like the way they sail. Thank you for a
good product".

Luke Rein of Narragansett Bay, RI
Kittiwake kit
Hull No. KW252 'Logix'

Luke wrote.....

"I received Kittiwake hull # 252 (now known
as Logix) for my birthday a few weeks ago.
I have to say, it is incredible. The kit was
easy to understand, and sails absolutely
beautifully. Here are some pictures of it
sailing at home in Narragansett Bay, RI.
And as an added plus, it is almost completely
waterproof- No worries about swamping!"

Thanks for the wonderful photos Luke.


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