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ScaleSailing Owners Gallery

Please post or email photos of your ScaleSailing models
if you would like to see them included here.
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Al Clark of Madison, AL, USA
Kittiwake kit
Hull No. KW189

Al wrote.....

"I want to congratulate you on an
outstanding kit and a very well thought out
design!  Really an enjoyable build and there
was nothing that I felt I needed to change
throughout the building process.  And that's
saying something because I usually modify
something in every kit I build.  The kit is a
great value and I will be telling the local
skippers about it!"

I notice that Al has a 2.4GHz receiver in there.
That's a great idea for fleet sailing especially
if you visit other clubs to sail in regattas.

Handy Victoria stand too Al!

Fraser Marshall of North Richland Hills,
Kittiwake kit
Hull No. KW230

Fraser wrote.....

"She has 2 coats of Krylon primer and 2 coats
of Krylon indoor / out door white gloss with
a couple of coats of urethane on the deck.
Plus 2 coats of turtle wax on the hull.
Looking forward to further testing to get the
rig set a little better."


Ken Peltier of Tecumseh, Ontario,
Kittiwake kit
Hull No. KW163

"I finally finished the Footy. It was a great
boat to assemble the instructions were very
clear. I built it pretty much stock. Great job.
I belong to Windsor Model Yacht Club in

Windsor Ont. Other members have got the
Footy bug
This could be our next fleet."

Greg Gardner of Gladstone, MI, USA
Kittiwake kit
Hull No. KW203

A nice looking Kittiwake called 'Tink'.


Fabio Cammarano of Verona, Italy
Kittiwake kit
Hull No. KW161

Fabio wrote.....

"Here is the first Italian Footy's photo;
it is called "Ghigo" and the skipper is my
daughter Eleonora."

Simon Mockford of Shoreham-by-Sea,
Kittiwake kit
Hull No. KW147

"Took Kittiwake 147 for its first sail today. Sailed like a beauty, very light wind to help trim. I attach a photo, which you are welcome
to put on your gallery on the website if you wish."

"I enjoyed all aspects of construction and
have customised with a backstay and
bowsprit. I used small plastic bowsies on rigging and lined the interior with balsa
wood to cover polystyrene.
Best wishes, Simon Mockford."

Travis Donily of Newark, OK, USA
Kittiwake kits
Hull No. KW136; KW137; KW138; KW139

Travis wrote.....

"I'm even more impressed with you kits
now having completed them.  Very well

"I thought that I would share a couple
photos that I had taken while in Oregon.
My kids thoroughly enjoyed their


John Lind of Cathedral City, CA, USA
Kittiwake kit.
Hull No. KW13

A very unusual and interesting under
water shot of the Kittiwake. She presents
a nice clean line to the water.

When healed over the hull presents a 'V'
bottom, a fact often overlooked when the
flat bottomed boat is considered.

Having fun with the traditional naming ceremony !


Rick Page of Friedens, PA, USA
Pintail Hull Core 'Type A', sail, bulb
rudder assembly.

Rick wrote...

"The Pintail 12 is my first RC sailboat!
The build was super easy and the
directions were great!

Thanks Graham for an awesome sailboat!
I sail her as often as I can!"


Bruce Hopkins of Wildwood, GA, USA
Kittiwake kit.
Hull No. KW 125

Bruce wrote...
"I finally was able to maiden my Kittiwake
#125 yesterday after our Fast Electric races
and all I can say is, "What Fun" !!! 

"Thanks for the Great Kit and the hours of
fun I know I will be having with her."

Ernie Fosselius of
Sebastopol, CA, USA
Pintail hull core 'Type A', sail, bulb.

"My Pintail Footy is done! I took her out to
the lake to launch this morning..."

"She sails amazingly well on just about every
point. She's fast, bouyant and very
responsive and handles perfectly. The lug
sail is my favorite rig in full scale sailing as
well because it's so simple, it points so well
and going downwind it's a spinnaker.

In keeping with my new routine of
Less Work, More Windling, I successfully
"wasted" almost two hours today chasing
ducks. Things are looking up!

Thanks for a great design."


Toby Vetting of Sheboygan, WI, USA
Kittiwake kit.
Hull No. KW 52

"Hey Graham,   Got your Kittiwake kit for
Christmas.  Just popped the build CD in to
take a look at it.  All I can say is WOW!!!!
Very impressive instructions that you put
together.  If I were new to building, the way
you laid it out would be the next best thing
to you actually coming over and showing
me how build it in person."

"All I can say is it's a great kit and a really
fun build.  Thanks for a great product.
Looking forward to getting her on the water." 

Rick Harvey of Fresno, CA, USA
Kittiwake kit.
Hull No. KW 79

Rick wrote...
"I finally got her in the water.  I took her down
to our pond on Sunday (unfinished) just to
show that I was making progress.  Everyone
wanted to see it sail, so I worked on it there
almost an hour and got everything but the jib
topping lift rigged.  It had bits of excess line
hanging all over it, but I put it in the water and
it sailed BEAUTIFULLY without any problems
- untuned!  The guys that were there were
very impressed - as was I.  I had been told that
Footy's are hard to sail and have a mind of
their own.  The Kittiwake did not show me any
of this."


Greg Lamb of Hampton, VA, USA
Kittiwake kit.
Hull No. KW 35
Hull No. KW 92

(More from Greg now that he has finished his
second Kittiwake).

"The first really beautiful day here in
Hampton Roads in awhile...I learned to sail
them together by myself and got some good
pics.  It takes a good plan to sail two boats
at the same time, but the Kittywake is very
stable when properly tuned and trimmed."

(And they say that men can't multi-task...
I think that two boats and a camera is pretty
impressive myself! Graham)

Dramatic shot of Hull 92 making good

One design Match Racing...


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