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ScaleSailing Owners Gallery

Please post or email photos of your ScaleSailing models
if you would like to see them included here.
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Peter O'Brien of Daytona, FL, USA
Kittiwake kit.
Hull No. KW 71

"Thanks for a great kit   Launched Kittiwake
#71 today, sailed fine as soon as she hit the
water, like a duck!   Enjoyed building her, first
time with an R/C kit."

"The CD was a real help as well because it
allowed me to 'see how the expert did it'.
Almost sorry I have finished it, may have to
get another!!!"

(Well two Kittiwakes are always better than one Peter !...)


Sarah R. of East Lansing, MI, USA
Kittiwake kit.
Hull No. KW 10, named 'Snurri'

Sarah is the first female to register her Footy
with the Footy Association in the USA.

Sarah has had some craftwork experience but
this was her first attempt at an R/C model and
I think she has made a really nice job of it!

"All of your steps have been really clear
about what to do..... I haven't had any hunh?
moments while following the directions. The
picture cd is a great help too."

"I attached a "safety line" to her, I didn't want
to take the chance of losing my boat on my
first time out."

That is good advice and a sensible precaution on a large stretch of water until becoming familiar with the control of the boat.

Steve Moussas of Woonsocket, RI, USA Kittiwake kit.
Hull No. KW 21

Dr. M (Steve Moussas) with his "Foot-e", Kittiwake kit... supplied by Scale Sailing.
Hull No. KW 21- Sail No. 36, AMYA 7139

Greater Worcester Model Yacht Club ( # 186). Paint...Delta Ceramcoat (Acrylic) with Miniwax- Water Based-Polycrylic protective finish, clear gloss.

(Steve added a bowsprit and a bumpkin to carry a backstay to his Kittiwake. He has made a great job of the colour scheme using acrylic craft store paints. Graham)

Watch video of this boat <HERE>


Kenny Keighron, Commodore of
The Eisenhower Park Model Yacht
Club, East Meadow, New York
Kittiwake kit.
Hull No. KW 45

"Thanks for making a great boat. Made some
changes, added a 1/4" bow stick and larger
sails. Pictures (3 below) were taken with 20
knot wind .

(Looks like Kenny used 'Tyvec' for his larger
area sails. It is suprising how much sail the
Kittiwake hull can carry even in these wind
strengths. Graham)


Greg Lamb of Hampton, VA, USA Kittiwake kit.
Hull No. KW 35

"I started building my KittyWake Hull#35
wanted to pass on to you that I'm very
impressed with the precision of the kit.  I've
built 3 kit boats over the years, and this one
is the best I've seen.  Keep up the great work
and expect to have me remain as a loyal
customer." Greg

"Thought you'd appreciate discovering that
Hull #35 is complete and sailed today.........
I added a bowsie to the main sheet line so that I can trim both the main and the jib."

Sometimes on the run when the wind gets up Kittiwake may put her bow under...
but she will pop back up like a cork!

Bill Killillay of Snellville, Georgia, USA Kittiwake kit.
Hull No. KW 03

"...it came safe and sound, very well packed and it looks great, can't wait to get going."

Bill's lovely wife displays his Kittiwake

"I'm really enjoying this little boat. I love how easy this thing is to transport!!
I drive a small car due to where I live and all the driving I do, so the size of this is key to getting a lot more sailing."

"Thanks for a nice kit Graham!!"

Douglas Evans of London, Ontario, Canada
used a 'Type C' hull, he wrote;

"What a great way to get a solid/ true hull in very short order. I just used 1/32 balsa for the bottom and sides and 1/16 balsa for the deck and it worked out fine. I did re-enforce the center section of the bottom."

"I have built a few model boats kits in the past---- both radio control and static display and this is the best building guide I have seen.The photos are excellent."

"I viewed the disc on both a DVD player and on the computer and you are right you do not get the captions on the DVD player. But on the player you can zoom in for a closer look at some details.  

Great photos. Easy to follow captions.
Your workmanship is excellent. A lot of economical and practical solutions to rigging the boat.
Since it is a disc it is easy to move back and forth through steps."

"Thanks for your help along the way and a good product."


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